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  • erin says:

    oh, jill soloway … I was hooked long long ago, back when you had Ruth Fisher working on her “foundation.” what a crazy gifted genius. tonight, i’m starting a revolution. right now, right here. just another vagina on the couch. welcome to the sit down stand up comedy jam! too busy working my plan B day job and parenting my little ones to slum it doing open mic nights around the country. but a girl can still dream. youtube isn’t just for the biebs. will you be my Usher?

  • Jenica Bergere says:

    Hi wifey- love Jill Soloway and all things wifey. I am hoping some people will see my film available on ITUNES NOV 10 and ON DEMAND. I made it for $10,000.00 while nine months pregnant and even shot the birth. It’s a movie about women, by women. COME SIMI

  • Rosemary Regello says:

    Just read Jill Soloway’s article and checked out the website. Kudos to all of you. I’m trying to set up a free listing service for high-quality female-driven spec feature scripts written by unrepresented writers. Please take a look if you have time. Help, ideas, submissions, reciprocal links, Facebook shares, etc. are much needed to make this thing go. It’s called The Film Springs of San Francisco.

    Hope to steer more traffic your way with a link to Wifey.TV for my visitors.

    Thanks. Rosemary

  • Gina Andreoli says:

    Thanks for doing this. Here is my latest project. Woman director (me), woman cast (main), woman story. I hope people dig it.

  • Rachel Feldman says:

    Hello Wifey, how do I submit a short film to be part of the adventure? Thank you.

  • Dana Craig says:

    went down the rabbit hole of “jill soloway podcasts” and have determined that wifey needs a podcast. i need these juicy nuggets of wisdom more frequently – with amazingly smart, passionate guests. wifeypod. lady things in the media, pop culture, etc. am i right ladies, am i right????

  • Deb Reed says:

    The Goddess Temple in Irvine, CA is doing more than ever to “empower Woman to lead the world to goodness …” © Every week, because members support it, The Temple is open to the public, and visitors from all over the world come in to experience the feeling of Goddess and how it uplifts the spirit of humanity. They enjoy our “Venus Hour” every Friday afternoon from 5:30 to 7:30 … great discussions take place in the Lounge over a lovely libation … and women– women who walked in the door simply because they were “curious”– are sometimes overcome with profound emotion as they feel for the first time what it is like to be in a space that completely honors “all that is Woman” (in a culture that dishonors Woman at every turn!) .. a sacred space that exists only in a very few rare places now. Holding this space is so very important …

    And then our Sunday Services! Every Sunday, without fail, for over a decade—that’s over 520 unique messages of empowerment to women–we have held Sunday Goddess Services, helping women to feel the power of Goddess and how it can change our dominator-model, patriarchally driven world … change that is desperately needed. We teach “all is one, all is sacred, all is eternal;” we teach “reverence for life;” we teach that Woman is meant to be Queen, the ancient natural spiritual authority for the world. Our women’s rituals are known all over the world as being some of the most strengthening and enlivening ceremonies that women have ever attended. Life-changing ritual.

    The Temple has supported me as a woman; I have learned from and been strengthened by The Goddess Temple and her teachers and members. I want this good for other women … for you. As a friend of mine, I’d love for you to visit The Temple with me and see for yourself. Come visit and let me show you around, or come to Sunday Services with me and experience the woman-honoring power of The Temple yourself. Video-taping can be arranged ahead of time. Men and other genders are welcome on the 4th Sunday of the month.

  • Mandy Fabian says:

    Think you’ll like this #marriageequality video–2 min long, sweet and strong #libertyandjustice #alovestory #SCOTUS #sayYES

  • Melanie says:

    Hi wifey! My writing partner and I made this short comedy – SMART, two idiots talking about life, love, and Elizabeth Smart.

  • Lana says:

    Hi there! Big fan of Wifey! My friends and I made a video about what it’d be like if WOMEN starred in Entourage, and we thought you might enjoy it. Thank you!

  • june owens says:

    Love this! Will post a video soon! June (june owens creative) … you’ve never heard of me because I could never get my videos off my shelf because of the bullshit legacy built into the film/video distribution…thank you wifey for getting REAL…(single mom to a 6 and 8 year old, phd candidate, producer/director/writer of 120 videos/films, won 8 film festivals, in 4 museums and teach community college part-time (lOVE the work my students do and Love community colleges and technical schools)…but oh yeah, you’ve never seen my work because of the bullshit system we live in…we need you wifey! there are stories to share, stories to tell and me (and my students and fellow feminists) don’t need a film festival, a cable tv station to tell us that our “films/videos/stories” are “good” …if we tell a true, honest, real story then Finally our art will be shared. Feeling relieved…so glad I found wifey! June

  • Anjoum says:

    Hi Wifey! I’m a big fan of this site and the videos you curate! I think you might enjoy this short film directed by and about a woman: password: addedit

  • @msmutha says:

    Hi Wifey! Thanks for creating this place. We think your viewers will like our trailer and, by extension, our show about a housewife who becomes a rapper . . .

  • Julia says:

    Hi Wifey,

    I love ya work. Keep going.

    Saw this video posted on YouTube via Twitter. Agree with them wholeheartedly.

    Keep up the fight!


  • Samantha Lee says:

    Perhaps you’ll feature this new web series written by, directed, and starring Sam Bailey: – You’re So Talented is a webseries following Bea (Sam Bailey), an out of work Chicago actress, as she navigates her 20s and all its inevitable dramas.

  • ReW says:

    I think i found a new place where i actually just mite fit in xxx thnx wifey x happy rew year x

  • Ajay dixit says:

    Hi you are more wify as me . Good luck .

  • Prescott Smith says:

    What is it that Vimeo requires to work? I have shockwave flash and java, but Vimeo almost never works. Why? Running win7-64 Intel 3.2Ghz, 8GB RAM, Opera 12.16, sometimes Chrome 33.0.1750.154 m

  • Laurel says:

    Digging this Rebecca, thanks sister. Laurel xx

  • Howie says:

    Kudos on adding the Rick Owens runway show (Paris Spring 2014.) Seeing clothes ACTUALLY MOVE is so… refreshing. And of course, models that won’t break over my knee is always good to see in a ‘big ticket’ show. Howie & Tawny

  • rebecca odes rebecca says:

    Hi, first wifeys. First impressions?


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