What is Wifey?

Wifey is a curated video network for women. We explore the interweb far and wide to gather video that tickles us pink, makes us think or moves us — then we put it out there for you!

Do I have to be married?

Nope. Wifey isn’t really for wives, or about them. Wifey’s your bestie, your go-to female, the one who gets you. Our audience is anyone who needs content that gets deep inside of women as actual multi-faceted human people. Subjects, not objects.

What will you find here?

Stuff we love. Stuff made by women. But more than that, stuff that viscerally represents women’s unique and complex POVs. The gender of the person behind the camera is less important than how the final product feels. We like to zoom in on exactly what’s missing in the conversation. Smart. Funny. Dirty. Real. Human. Sad. Silly. You.

Our content runs the gamut: high/low, scripted series, shorts, animation, music videos, new releases and retro gems we’ve dug from the archives. If there’s a viral video that’s relevant, you’ll see it here, rubbing shoulders with art films and comedy clips. Things might get weird or political, or NSFW (we’ll warn you about that). Every day you’ll get a dose of what we think matters, enlightens and entertains. But only a dose. Enough with the overload, already.

Who are you trying to reach?

Wifey is for just about everyone: feminists, femmes, femininas, not-straights, farmer girls, alpha females, lean-ins, lean-outs, CEOs, artsy-crafties, bloggers, blog-hers, students, teachers, breeders and bleeders.

We’re talking to ladies, women, girls and chicks who want to think more, feel more, have crazier dreams, more sex, better art, bigger plans. Moms who don’t want to be mommed to. Men who are interested in seeing women as human beings. People who are aspirational about ideas over things.

What’s the big idea?

Women are the big idea: as a body politic, as an economic force, as a voice that deserves to be heard and an audience yearning to be reached. Our stories and the stories that matter to us are a big deal.

Ultimately, Wifey is a brand that will produce brilliant, hilarious, dark, real, nuanced media for women without having to argue for the integrity of our characters or the validity of our audience. We’ve been in those meetings where it’s a struggle to get people to invest in portrayals of women that aren’t satisfying to your average male. The powers that be promote their own imaginary idea of wish fulfillment for women.

This is wish fulfillment: I’m the voice, the seer and not the seen, I’m in the driver’s seat, I’m the protagonist, and I don’t have to be perfect to earn the right to be looked at (or lusted after). The audience is out there, but the structure is hanging onto old mores. It’s time for a new paradigm. The female gaze is ready and waiting.