So here's a brief recap: in October, some guys from the website Simple Pickup got the idea to stick their faces into a bunch of random women's tits in the name of breast cancer awareness raise money for breast cancer awareness while sticking their faces into a bunch of random women's tits. The campaign involved approaching a woman  and asking permission to motorboat* her in exchange for the promise of his $20 donation to a breast cancer charity.  Many women agreed to this low level charitable sex work; here is the video. You might find it upsetting. More upsetting, to the Simple Pickup dudes, was the fact that when they tried to donate the proceeds of their campaign to the Breast Cancer Resarch Foundation, the money was returned due to the unsavory nature of its solicitation and the ensuing controversy.

But good has triumphed over evil in the end, as the Simple Picker-Uppers have gone rogue, finding an individual who needed their money enough not to care about superficial issues like coercing women to have their breasts fondled. She is a single mom with three kids and her health situation sounds pretty bad. It's true that life and death situations can make ideas seem irrelevant, but asking the woman with cancer and her sister-caregiver for quotes on the fact that the feminist community can't take a joke takes this thing to a whole new level.

*this is an activity which involves sticking your face into a woman's cleavage and making a brrrr sound like a motor. It seems like it was dreamed up by a two year old who wishes he were still breastfeeding.